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John XXXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce) 100mg CA, US Shipped
Chester X XXXXXXX Cialis Soft (Vidalista) 20mg TX, US Delivered
Vanessa XXXXXXXX Hydrocodone(Watson)(UStoUS) 10/325mg OH, US Delivered
JOHN XXXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 200mg CA, US Delivered
edward XXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 40mg CA, US Delivered
Cheri XXXXXXXXX Hydrocodone(Watson)(UStoUS) 10/325mg CA, US Delivered
Frank X XXXXXX Ativan (Pfizer)(UStoUS) 2mg CA, US Delivered
John XX XXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 100mg FL, US Delivered
ralph X XXXXXX Valium (Abbott) 10mg MO, US Delivered
Gene XX XXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce) 100mg VA, US Delivered
Cherry XX XXXXX Amoxicillin (Brand) 500mg IL, US Delivered
Glen XXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 200mg WI, US Delivered
Gary XXXXXXXX Modafinil (SunPharm)(UStoUS) 200mg CA, US Delivered
Terry XXXXX Ambien (Zolfresh)(UStoUS) 10mg TX, US Delivered
Kenneth X XXXXXX Xanax (Pfizer)(UStoUS) 2mg CA, US Delivered
Dana XXXXX Hydrocodone (Teva) 10/325mg NY, US Shipped
Ami XXXXXX Ambien (Zolfresh)(UStoUS) 10mg PA, US Delivered
Susan X XXXXX Xanax (Restyl) 1mg WA, US Delivered
Edward X XXXXXXXXXXX Valium (Bensedin)(UStoUS) 10mg NY, US Delivered
michaelyn XXXXXX Ritalin (Novartis)(UStoUS) 10mg CA, US Delivered
Maureena XXXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 50mg OK, US Delivered
Elizabeth XXXXXX Ambien (Zolfresh)(UStoUS) 10mg TN, US Delivered
Mike XXXXXXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 40mg OH, US Delivered
Jeffrey XXXXXXXX Tramadol (HAB) 200mg NY, US Delivered
Thomas XXXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 20mg DE, US Approved
martha XXXXXXXXXX Xanax (Pfizer)(UStoUS) 2mg NE, US Delivered
Juliusz XX XXXXXX Xanax (Cipla)(UStoUS) 1mg AZ, US Delivered
michael XXXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce) 150mg NY, US Declined
fred XXXXXXXXX Ritalin (Novartis)(UStoUS) 10mg CT, US Declined
Carrie XXXXXXXX Klonopin (Cyril)(UStoUS) 2mg CA, US Delivered
Kathy XXXXXXXXX Valium (Abbott)(UStoUS) 10mg FL, US Delivered
Jinfen XXXX Viagra (Cenforce) 150mg MI, US Approved
Susan XXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg FL, US Approved
Kay XXXXXXX Ambien (Stilnoct)(UStoUS) 12.5mg UT, US Delivered
William XXXXXXXXX Valium (Abbott)(UStoUS) 10mg OK, US Delivered
Greg XXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 150mg CA, US Delivered
martin X XXXXX Modafinil (SunPharm)(UStoUS) 200mg CA, US Delivered
percy XXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 100mg ~~, GB Declined
DANNY XXX XXXXX Xanax (Pfizer)(UStoUS) 2mg TX, US Delivered
Ronald XXXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 60mg GA, US Delivered
Michele XXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg CA, US Declined
sandy XXXXXXXX Phentermine (K25)(UStoUS) 37.5mg MN, US Shipped
James XXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg WI, US Delivered
Teresa XXXXXXX Valium (Abbott)(UStoUS) 10mg KS, US Delivered
Melinda XXXXX Ambien (Zolfresh)(UStoUS) 10mg CA, US Delivered
Randall XXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 20mg TN, US Declined
Thomas XX XXXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 50mg NJ, US Delivered
Lori XXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg AZ, US Delivered
JOSEPH X XXXXXXXX Soma (HAB)(UStoUS) 350mg FL, US Delivered
Caryn XXXXXXX XXXXXX Ambien (Stilnoct)(UStoUS) 12.5mg IN, US Approved

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